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AIDS WALK Thrives, Thanks to You
April 6, 2012
by John Pinkerton

Dear friends,

Once again, the generosity and compassion our community has for those living with HIV/AIDS amazes all of us connected to AIDS WALK Kansas City! Right now, thousands of you are out there raising much-needed money and awareness for our four beneficiaries. From seasoned Team Captains who have supported the fight for years to first-time individual fundraisers who have created pages at, we cannot thank you enough!

Other AIDS walks in the United States have experienced plummeting fundraising, lower participation, or have gone out of business altogether. But not Kansas City! AIDS WALK Kansas City continues to grow and thrive because of the compassionate and generous base we have in the gay and lesbian community. You have been the heart and yes, sole, of AIDS WALK Kansas City since its beginning 24 years ago. With you, we have led the fight together as a community, and we are models for others to follow. We must continue to remind ourselves and the greater Kansas City area that AIDS remains an important and relevant issue. For example, our youth are new targets for this hideous disease. We have to continue to fund those organizations that serve those brave men, women and youth who live with HIV/AIDS every day.

Join us Saturday, April 28, at Theis Park when we walk for the 24th time in support of our local HIV/AIDS community. We will honor the lives of those who are no longer with us. We will show our support for those brave warriors who live with the disease.
SAVE Inc., Good Samaritan Project, Hope Care Center, Kansas City Free Health Clinic, and many other beneficiaries for the walk appreciate your time, passion, fundraising, and support you give to AIDS WALK Kansas City. The AIDS WALK Steering Committee and the board of the AIDS Service Foundation join us in thanking each of you for doing your part every day in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Michael Lintecum Event Director, AIDS WALK
John Pinkerton
President, AIDS Service Foundation
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