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To The Editor:
August 27, 2010

To Richard Neptune:

I wanted to thank you for sharing this story [Mom in the Moonlight, "In the Parade" column, August issue">; not sure if it is from your personal experience or not. Looking at your link to your stories, it is difficult to decipher. I just wanted to thank you, as I sent it to my mom; our religious views are similar, but I am the one with the Parkinson's at age 45 (since I was 36).

Ken Glowienke, President
Focus on a Cure Foundation for Parkinson's
Oswego, Ill.

Richard responds:


Thank you for your note regarding my column in the latest issue of Camp. Yes, this story is from my family's experience with my mothers fight with Parkinson's. Mom is approaching 75 years of age and with this milestone also comes heart break and sadness.

I wish you the best in your battle and hoping as a younger man that your fight not only allows you to see a cure but also brings hope to others that struggle with Parkinson's.

Best Regards,

Richard Neptune
The Tenth Voice

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