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Catching Up With Cowboy Todd Tramp
August 27, 2009
by John Long

Click For Full Size We first met Todd Tramp, our cover model for this issue, shortly after he moved to Kansas City from Los Angeles, and we interviewed him for the 2007 MGRA supplement in Camp (read that interview at Todd Tramp.)

These days, Trampís ranch has a few more horses, he has won a few more rodeo buckles, and heís met his partner, Marty Junkins, owner of Sharpís restaurant in Brookside.

ďMy husband is the owner of Sharpís. I canít believe Iím married in Kansas City, which is something I thought Iíd never do,Ē he said with a laugh.

He says itís the best of both worlds ó he can visit Kansas City and stay with Junkins, and Junkins, who loves the country, can stay at Trampís ranch in Missouri.

Tramp works and manages Sharpís on Wednesday nights for their pizza night specials.

I caught up with Tramp the day before press time as he and Junkins were driving back from the Chicago rodeo with his horses and trailer. Tramp was taking one of his biggest fans, his mother, back to her home in Iowa before returning to his ranch.

ďMy mother came to Chicago, and sheís my wonder mom for the rodeos,Ē he said, as I heard her laughing in the truck.

In Trampís latest three rodeos ó Philadelphia, Denver and Chicago ó he added more buckles to his collection. He won All Around Cowboy in both Philadelphia and Chicago.

Hereís a quick update of his awards:

Denver: Pole Bending, Steer Riding, Bull Riding and Flag Racing.

Philadelphia: Bull Riding, Steer Riding, Pole Bending,
Chute Dogging and All Around Cowboy.

Chicago: Flag Racing, Pole Bending and All Around Cowboy.

Tramp was happy to report that Team Missouri with MGRA won first place in points in Chicago.

ďWe won the most points of all the associations in the world. Itís a pretty big title, and it doesnít happen that often,Ē he said.
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