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Go Bo!, Colt Model Bo Dixon Competes for Body Building Title
July 2, 2009
by Tyson Corban

Click For Full Size Bo Dixon is the ultimate Colt man. His muscle worship video remains one of the studioís most popular solo films.

What many fans donít know about Bo is that he is also an amateur body builder. In fact this summer, he will compete as an openly gay man for the Mr. Georgia title.

We chatted with the thick-bearded powerhouse about his battle for the title and how nude photos on the internet nearly derailed his bodybuilding career.

How is it being an out gay man in a hyper-masculine, testosterone-driven industry like professional body building?

When competing at a show, my focus is on winning. Iím never thinking, ďI am a gay bodybuilder.Ē †Iím thinking of how my trainers and coaches have done the best they can to prepare me for this event and how I want to do the best I can for them and for me.

How are you treated by other athletes? †

In general, Iím treated like any other athlete but at a recent competition in Los Angeles, I did notice some gay bodybuilders would not approach me after I publicly kissed my partner on the lips. †Many gay athletes fear being black balled.

Have you encountered any bias from judges?

Judges are supposed to evaluate athletes strictly on mass, proportions, balance and showmanship. †But yes, there have been times that I suspected a judgeís opinion was fogged by their feelings towards gay men.
How did you begin posing for gay muscle worship videos?

At most competitions, there are people that scout bodybuilders for the Gay Male Muscle Worship industry. †Colt and studios like them actually send agents to find their next stars. †One day I was approached and a few weeks later, I was meeting with Colt executives.

How did the body building industry react to your appearing on the cover of a Colt calendar?

They didnít really know about it. ††Those that did distanced themselves from me for fear of others thinking they might be gay.
Were you making a statement by appearing in the calendar or did you simply see it as an opportunity to show off your physique?

It was an opportunity to show off what I had accomplished through years of hard work. †Growing up, I was a 130-pound bean-pole. †Iíll always be that skinny kid inside but this was my chance to show the world the new me. ††††

How did you go from Colt to porn?

I was young and naÔve. ††I wanted people to like me. †But it was wrong from the start. †My first day on the set, I was ready to run out the door. I was worried, though, that the internet bloggers would have a field day saying I was a coward or sissy. †Also, I am a southern gentleman. †In the south, when you agree to do something, you do it. †I was trapped in my own ethics and obligation.

What did appearing in gay porn cost you and your career?

I had no clue that the adult film company would sell my images all over the Internet. ††Theyíre everywhere! Today, my image is promoting gay muscle worship sites, muscle bear parties, sex sites, dating sitesÖ you name it! †I donít make a dime from any of the parties or sites Iím promoting, nor do I have any control over who uses my images. †

Many of the images on the internet are extremely graphic. I shot the film three months before meeting my partner so he was aware of it. †We didnít think it would be too big a deal because we foolishly believed it would be for dvd release only. †We werenít prepared to see images of me having sex with another man splashed all over the Internet and posted in blogs.

You didnít think that appearing in an adult film might make you a porn ďstarĒ?

The only thing I knew about adult films was that they were rented or sold in the back of a video store. †I thought it was a small underground industry. †I didnít know there would be worldwide distribution in multimedia via the internet. †I didnít realize the photos would be searchable through Google.

What did you do when you became aware that the film was not going to be something you could sweep under the rug?

I took a year off from competitions and was ready to hang up my posing trunks. †It was awful.

How did your partner react?

My partner has been my real support system through it all. †He made me realize that shooting the video was a mistake that Iíll have to accept and deal with it. †It is my tattoo to wear.

Is it true that you now battle internet stalkers?

The Internet has become the doorway for crazy people to get into your home and personal life.†I have trusted a few bad people that I met online. One fan stole my cell phone and called everyone on it to get information about me and my relationships. †He then posted horrific lies about me and linked it with search engines under Bo Dixon. †Unfortunately, the government does not have many laws to protect anyone from cyber bullies.

Isnít that why most adult stars use stage names?

Stage names arenít enough. †Obsessed fans will dig as far as they can to find out your personal information. †There are gay men and bloggers that find gratification in exposing adult stars for who they really are.

What advice would you give to a young man thinking about entering porn?

If you get into the business, just know that the money does not pay for you to have a bodyguard or extra security. †Youíre paid once and thatís it. †It can be tough because the studio creates a persona for you and then youíre expected to act like your sexual character in public.

Where do you go from here?

The videos are so far behind me now. †People will watch them forever but I have continued to train and hope to win the overall title at my next bodybuilding contest. †If I win, I am on to the nationals.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in your career?

I have learned to embrace it all Ė my bodybuilding, my past and great fans. †People tell me that I inspire them to get off the couch and go to the gym. †On my Facebook Fan page I tell people what I am eating, give them tips on training and I show them that a man over 40 can still look hot. †

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