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Yes, Let's Elevate The Debate
May 22, 2009
by Sarah M. Gillooly

To the editor:

Thank you for printing Jay Randel’s opinion piece “Please, Perez Hilton, Leave LGBT Activism to Others” in the May issue of Camp. I have watched the Perez Hilton vs. Miss California Carrie Prejean battle with increasing disgust for both sides.

Mr. Hilton asked Miss Prejean his question on same-sex marriage equality and got her honest, though woefully ignorant, answer. Certainly hers is an opinion shared by many people who oppose marriage equality. After calling Miss California a “stupid b--,” Mr. Hilton then proceeded to further his tirade against Miss Prejean by sexually shaming her regarding semi-nude photographs.

Although I understand there are issues of honesty and Miss USA contract standards, this kind of hateful name-calling and sexual shaming of women does absolutely nothing to further the cause of LGBTQ equality with our detractors. Should our movement stoop to the level of homophobic political pundits and money-hungry gossip media?

Why not answer the ignorance of Miss Prejean and the National Organization for Marriage with intelligent criticism and debate? Answering homophobia with misogyny is not my movement for justice and equality!

Sarah M. Gillooly
Regional field organizer, PROMO
Kansas City, Mo.
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The Tenth Voice

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