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Kansas Citians Protest DOMA
January 14, 2009
by John Long

Click For Full Size Join the Impact, an LGBT civil rights organization from Columbus, Ohio, organized a nationwide protest on Jan. 10 to hold President-elect Barack Obama to his campaign promise of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The 1996 law defines marriage for the purposes of federal law as the legal union of a man and a woman and stipulates that states need not recognize a same-sex coupleís marriage from another state.

Join the Impact also encouraged people to collect signatures from all who support the repeal of DOMA and mail the signature sheets to the groupís post office box in Ohio. They hoped to collect one million signatures nationwide to mail to the new administration.

The Kansas City website can be seen at:

Here are a few quotes from participants at the protest:

Carolyn Finken-Dove, of Kansas Cityís PFLAG: ďIím the mom of a gay daughter, and I would like her to have the rights she and her partner are entitled to, the same rights that everyone else is entitled to.Ē

Glen Dove, of Kansas Cityís PFLAG: ďWe support our daughter, but more importantly we support the community. Weíre active in PFLAG and would like to say that everyone is equal and deserves the same rights across the board.Ē

Stefan: ďIím a gay man. I want my rights when I get older. I want to get married and stuff and have a family. Currently Iím a senior in high school and president of the GSA at Olathe, and so I just want to spread my love to everyone and show that we have feelings, too.Ē

Jessie: ďIím here as a straight person, and we have to show that itís not just gay people that want equal rights. There are straight people out there that want to support this as well, and we want to put a face on the movement and show people in this area that itís about equality, and we need to stand up and support our fellow Americans. Itís time for our generation to stand up and show that discrimination is not OK, and like our sign says, itís un-American.

Robert Fleming: ďItís beyond marriage. Itís about equality. I could care less about marriage or a piece of paper or ring on my finger. Itís about equality.Ē
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