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John Long

Articles by John Long
The City of Fountain Sisters
Heartland Men's Chorus - 30 Years of Pride in Kansas City
Out Front for AIDS Walk
Team Erick - How AIDS Walk for one family is very personal this year.
CampBiz - Mar 2016
PROMO Reports Progress Against Discrimination in Missouri
Melinda Ryder. 40 Years of Drag and a 60th Birthday Celebration!
CampBiz - Jan/Feb, 2016
In Memorium - Denise Whithorne
In Memoriam – Sandra Moran
Two Ways to Support Keeping People Safe
Homecoming: A Lot Of Fun With A Serious Overtone
A Home Base For Getting Back On Track
CampBiz - September 2015
Latino Gay Pride is Ready for its 7th Annual Celebration
PROMO Executive Director A.J. Bockelman Moving On
Winning Missouri Plaintiff Addresses Reporters
CampBiz - August, 2015
Missouri Governor Signs Same-Sex Marriage Order
KC Bear Mafia: There’s Room for Everyone
KCPD-LGBT Liasion officer Rebecca Caster receives Meritorius Service Award
Governor Jay Nixon Signs Historic Legislation for Same-Sex Couples in Missouri.
How Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Came to Town
Justus and James Win in Kansas City Election
CampBiz - July, 2015
Marriage Equality Victory
Hamburger Mary’s and Camp’s 2015 Spirit of Pride honoree: Andy Chambers
CampBiz - June, 2015
This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land
Making a Living While Cruising the World
Two Suspects Charged in the Murder of Dionte Greene
Join AIDS Walk to Honor Steve Metzler’s Legacy
PROMO and SAGE Metro St. Louis Announce New Strategic Partnership
He Sees AIDS Walk and Ministry as Intertwined
Corporate Champions Take Action
CampBiz - April, 2015
Gearing Up for More Fights
Several Events Will Celebrate Pride This Year
She Creates Stories with Roots in Culture and History
A Star is Born!
Protesters Stand Up for Love Against Brownback
The Growth and Development of an LGBT Family Group
CampBiz - March, 2015
CampBiz - February, 2015
The Challenge of Caring for Low-Income Residents
New Year, New Website
Evolving Care
CampBiz - January, 2015
Health is More Than a New Year’s Resolution
Keeping Up with Same-Sex Marriage Rulings
A Very Late Night Christmas
Out with the Purple Building, and Welcome to Broadway
CampBiz - December, 2014
Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Johnson County and 12 Other Counties in Kansas
BREAKING: Same-Sex Marriage in Kansas Can Now Begin November 12.
BREAKING - Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Missouri
Celebrating Our Progress
CampBiz - November, 2014
He Wants Everyone to Know About SAVE
SAVE Inc. Staff Members Play Key Roles in Residents’ Lives
ACLU Files Lawsuit for Same-Sex Marriage in Kansas
Judge Rules that Missouri must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages from Outside the State
Activism Through Music
CampBiz - October, 2014
Decision Expected Soon in Missouri Same-Sex Marriage Case
CampBiz - September, 2014
AIDS Bicycle Cruise set to roll Sept. 14
Wearing Denim and Flour
Roeland Park Passes Anti-Discrimination Ordinance for the LGBT community
The Bears Are Coming to Kansas City
CampBiz - August, 2014
A Firing Without Fairness
Roeland Park Council Votes Down Anti-Bias Ordinance
CampBiz - July 2014
Vroom! It’s Time for ‘Dykes of Hazzard’
Two Additional Lawsuits Challenging Marriage Equality Filed in Missouri
Four Same-Sex Couples Wed in St. Louis Mayor’s Office
Gay Marriages Performed in St. Louis City Hall
Are Pride Festivals Still Relevant?
CampBiz - June, 2014
Ten Years of Making History
Liberace, Quixotic and Vegas!
CampBiz - May, 2014
Walkie Talkies, Golf Carts and Envelope Stuffing
Using Unique Talents for Fundraising
The Meaning of Marriage
CampBiz - April, 2014
First Lady?
A Milestone for Missie B’s
CampBiz - March, 2014
Late Night Theatre Returns, and It’s Golden!
Historic News in Missouri
Step by Step, Through the 2014 AIDS Walk Events
We’re Celebrating 10 Years in Kansas City’s LGBT Community
CampBiz - January/February, 2014
Missouri Gay and Lesbian Couples Filing Joint Tax Returns Challenged in New Lawsuit.
Meaningful Moments
Following Her Entrepreneurial Dream
Pastor Moving to Help Senior Adults
CampBiz - December, 2013
New LGBT Entertainment District Based On Hamburger Mary’s KC Relocation
CampBiz - November, 2013
Out and Proud in October
Selective Journalism
Allies in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
CampBiz - September, 2013
Moving On
Changing Focus
A Seat at the Table: LGBT Activism and Bloody Marys
Missy Koonce is the New Leading Lady with the AIDS Service Foundation
CampBiz - August, 2013
CampBiz - July, 2013
Kevin Deen, Artist Ambassador for the Hotel Phillips
Rebecca Caster, Bringing LGBT Pride to the KCPD
Back to the Basics’ for Pride
CampBiz - June, 2013
CampBiz - May, 2013
KC Pride Planners Have a Local Focus
‘Auntie Mame’d’ Parodies the Original Classic
Here’s Why One Team Leader Walks Each Year
CampBiz - April, 2013
CampBiz - March, 2013
LIKEME Lighthouse celebrates One Year anniversary
Making Proud Strides Toward Equality
Kansas City Bar Coalition Sets the Stage for June Pride
CampBiz - February, 2013
LGCC and Pride’s Merger Delays Festival Planning
CampBiz - January, 2013
A Nosy Landlady? Jockstraps? It’s All Here
Neon Nights at Val-O-Ween
Americans’ Views Are Shifting
CampBiz - December, 2012
Still Pressing ‘Play’
Back on Stage in Kansas City
MAGLCC to Host its First Business Equality Conference
CampBiz - November, 2012
Actor's Happy to Work 'Andrew Jackson' Into His schedule
What's Happening With LGCC?
A Reporter Shifts His Role
CampBiz - October, 2012
The Rodeo Life - Robin Cagle
The Rodeo Life - Kelly Peebles
One ABC Organizer Shifted to Bicycling Just 3 Years Ago
Meeting the Chicken Challenge
CampBiz - September, 2012
Protest at Chick-fil-A
Hamburger Mary’s serves up “Hate-Free” Chicken Sandwich
CampBiz - August, 2012
Hot Town, Summer in the City
An Activist Fighting for LGBTQ Health
Welcome to New York’ is a welcome and funny treat
CampBiz - July, 2012
Welcome to This Special Issue of Camp!
Dignity and Pride
The Many Wigs of Daisy Bucket
CampBiz - June, 2012
This Time, They’ve Created Wonderland
Kansas City's Gay Bars: Here for the Community
Kansas City’s New LGBT Chamber of Commerce
HRC Corporate Equality Awards in Kansas City
CampBiz - May, 2012
Show Me Pride Presents "Power of Pride"
Missouri HB 2051 Threatens GSA's and LGBT Education in Missouri Schools.
The People Behind the Scenes of AIDS Walk
CampBiz - April, 2012
In Lawrence, Kan., Fund-Raising Walk Comes in the Fall
Welcome, Like Me Lighthouse Center
Jackson County Adds Protections for the LGBT Community
CampBiz - March, 2012
It Does Get Better
The Camp 10 - Joshua Minnis and Kimberly McEvers
CampBiz - February, 2012
He Spreads His Message of Prevention
2012 — A Year to Get Involved
CampBiz - January, 2012
Tom Atwood May Want to Take Your Picture
Holiday Cheers
CampBiz - December, 2011
CampBiz - November, 2011
Val-O-Ween Launches Its 2012 Event with a Halloween Tea Dance
CampBiz - October, 2011
No Longer Serving in Silence
How Ross Freese Came Aboard to Lead Trolley Tours
CampBiz - September, 2011
Russ Duncan
A Life Remembered: Julie Geis
Back on the Bikes: It’s Time to Ride for AIDS
CampBiz - August, 2011
Therapeutic Connections
It's a Virtual World, Isn't It?
CampBiz - July 2011
From Pride to Freedom
2011 Lincoln MKX
Pride in Our Businesses
Castro Movie Nights Plans a Special Mother’s Day Screening
Watch for Changes at the Pride Festival
CampBiz - May, 2011
Tackle Football in the Spring � It�s All About the Women
CampBiz - April, 2011
Andre du Broc�s Recipe for Fundraising: Make a Batch of Cookies � 175 Times
One Quilt at a Time, They Help Fight HIV/AIDS
Walking the Walk, Projecting Our Voices
CampBiz - March, 2011
Once Again, Sandy Kay Steps into Judy Garland’s Shoes
Kansas City LGBT Political Clubs Announce Feb. 22 Endorsements
CampBiz -February, 2011
Ideas for Things to Do (and Love) in February
DADT: "This Is Done"
CampBiz - January, 2011
Cheril Vendetti Combines Cooking and Comedy
CampBiz - December 2010
2010 Brought Fresh Changes
Be Counted in This Election, Then Get Ready for the Next
CampBiz - November, 2010
CampBiz - October, 2010
Meet 3 New Leaders in Kansas City’s LGBT Community
Leading the Rodeo, In and Out of the Arena
Safe Places to Live
CampBiz - September, 2010
The Close Ties Behind a New Creative Triumvirate
On Aug. 3, Don’t Miss the Chance to Vote
CampBiz - August, 2010
Organizers Have a Firm Grip on ABC’s Handlebars
KC Carnivores: A Rugby Team, Not a Barbecue Joint!
Fringe Festival Features a Familiar Director
Pride Perseveres, Despite Obstacles
CampBiz - June/July 2010
Protest Group Plans Parade
2010 Pride Parade Cancelled
CampBiz - Pride 2010
Changes Come and Go, But We’re Still Proud
CampBiz - May, 2010
The Paths That Led Them to Fighting AIDS
A Place That Cares For HIV/AIDS Patients
CampBiz - April, 2010
CampBiz - March, 2010
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Two Veterans’ Stories
SAGE to Help Set Up a National Resource Center on LGBT Aging
In Memorium - Steve Brown
Do Ask, Do Tell
CampBiz - February, 2010
Resolutions in February? It Could be Romantic.
CampBiz - January, 2010
Missie B's Changes Things Up a Bit
Missing Person Alert Update
Greetings of the season!
CampBiz - December, 2009
CampBiz - November, 2009
CampBiz- October, 2009
'Mental,' an Exercise for Your Funny Bone and Your Heart
The Rodeo Returns!
Catching Up With Cowboy Todd Tramp
Teeny Buckingham: A city girl uses her athleticism on the rodeo circuit
Rocky Kuhn: His life blends rodeo, ranching and a graphics business.
CampBiz - September, 2009
As Student and Employee, Miguel Morales Does His Part to Bring Diversity to JCCC
Register Your Views in the 2009 LGBT Survey
CampBiz- August, 2009
AIDS Bicycle Challenge Will Take It To the Streets in September
Push for Progress
Gay Pride Organizer Sees Possibility for a Small Profit
CampBiz - July, 2009
Gay Couple Create Media Storm -- and Change -- Over Wedding Announcement
Five Years of Changes at 'Camp'
CampBiz - June, 2009
Gay Pride Recap
Featured on Film Festival's Screen: Big Themes and Big Laughs
The Law's on Their Side. Lana Knedlik and Aaron House lead KC Legal, an LGBTA group of legal professionals.
Pride Across Missouri
Theater Fills Her Days and Nights
When You Have Something to Say
CampBiz - May, 2009
Iowa Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same Gender Marriage
Volunteer Innovations: Jeans and Fudge Golf Balls
Acts of Courage
CampBiz - April 3, 2009
Courage and Comfort
CampBiz - March, 2009
Playwright Grateful for His Kansas Roots
CampBiz - February, 2009
Kimberli Kircher: 'I'm not your typical pageant girl'
Bill Wolfe: ‘I love meeting all of the various people’
CampBiz -January 16, 2009
Kansas Citians Protest DOMA
Look Right Here for Change in 2009
CampBiz- December 19, 2008
Life's His Game
It's Been a Good Year - Yes, Really!
MILK movie promotions
CampBiz -December 5, 2008
Rising Up From the Punch of Prop 8
CampBiz - November 14, 2008
Echoes of Late Night Theatre at the Unicorn
CampBiz -October 31, 2008
Reaching Out To All on Our Diamond Anniversary
Women Who Married Men Find Support as They Come Out
A National Foray For Daisy Bucket'
L.A. Cowboy Comes Back to the Midwest

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The Tenth Voice

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