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Jay Randel

Articles by Jay Randel
Miscellany - Movies That Have Played a Role in My Life
Miscellany - My Lifes as a Bottle of Ketchup
Miscellany - The Grass Isnít Necessarily Greener Ė It May Just Be a Different Color
Miscellany - I Feel Like a Voyeur, and It's Definitely No Thrill
Miscellany - My Panic Started With Two Little Words: Swim Test
Miscellany - 'Trinidad' Tells the Story of a Pioneering Surgeon
Miscellany - Striking a Pose? Get Real.
Miscellany - Getting Unstuck
Miscellany - Checking the Grass on the Other side of the Fence
Miscellany - Maybe '80s TV Holds the Answers to Life's Questions
Miscellany - A Writer's Words Go Straight To My Heart
Miscellany - My Finicky Feline Leads Me to Empathy
Miscellany - What 'Steel Magnolias' Revealed to Me
Miscellany - They Refused to Take My Blood, and That Hurt
Miscellany - Ouch! Hurtful Words, Curses and a Quarter-Life Crisis
Miscellany - A Pilgrimage to Stonewall
Miscellany - Please, Perez Hilton, Leave LGBT Activism to Others
Miscellany - The Dangerous Hunt for a Man
Miscellany - Shaped by a Circle of Female Friends
Miscellany - Here Comes the Other VD - Cue the Music
Miscellany - Getting Past High School. My Struggle to Accept That I'm Gay Was Painful. For Some, It's Fatal.
Miscellany - Embrace Faith to Overcome Religious Hatred
Miscellany - If You Make a Cake and Eat It, Clean Up Your Mess
Miscellany - Don't Think I'm a Hottie? No Need to be Haughty!
Miscellany -Palin Goes Beyond Ignorance

National HIV Testing Day - 2016

The Tenth Voice

The Tenth Voice

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