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Taylor Pero

Articles by Taylor Pero
Vickie Shaw: The Unlikely Lesbian
'Every Little Step' Turns the Spotlight Behind the Scenes
'Milk’ Tells the Story of a Hero for Human Rights, Sean Penn flawlessly portrays the openly gay San Francisco official.
Sweet and Sour Gershwin at Quality Hill
A Beloved Duchess, a Chilly Duke, and a Twisted Love Triangle
A Shining Cast Tells an Age-Old Story in "Women"
Menopause Turns Madcap in This Musical
Popping With Talent, Two Veterans Salute Patsy Cline
A Send-Up of Broadway Musicals Moves Quickly, With Lots of Laughs
Talented Students Game the Casino in ?21?
An Exquisite Cast and Plenty of Laughs in ?Love you?
?Cats? Tour to Pounce on Carlsen Center
Starring in "Fool's Gold": Treasure, Romantic Chemistry - and Those Pecs!
A Joyous Tribute to Irving Berlin
Heigl, the Rising Star, Has 'It' in '27 Dresses'
Book Review - An Author Review of ?Grace is Enough?
Theater Review - From the Quality Hill Playhouse: A Song-Filled Show and Big Plans
An Author Review of ?Grace Is Enough?
Movie Review- Unforgettably, ?Devil? Traces Family?s Tragedy
Theatre Review - When the Holidays Bring No Cheer
A Smirk-Free Clooney Shines, But Clues Clutter Up 'Clayton'
Movie Review - A ?Halloween? Worth Seeing Again
Movie Review - Enough Experts to Dizzy Anyone at ?11th Hour?
Movie Review - Scatological Gag Spoils the Charm of ?Death?
Movie Review - Lohan?s New Movie Reflects Her Career: A Painful Mess
Piano Room
Big Hair and Generous Hearts Easy to Find at Zoey Awards
Movie Review - Enjoy "Silver Surfer" as a Shiny Distraction
Movie Review – ‘Ocean’s 13’ Is Unbelievable, And That’s No Compliment
Movie Review – Stranger’ Approaches Perfection
Movie Review – Hilary Swank, What Hath Thou Done?
Movie Review – “Disturbia,” a Scream-Out-Loud Experience
What Shows Are in Store at American Heartland Theatre
From Heartland Men’s Chorus, a Glorious, Globe-Sweeping Ride
Movie Review – ‘Premonition’ Only Befuddles
A Spectacle of Semi-Clad Warriors
True to Its Whiz-Bang,
Leaving Iowa
Will Smith Brings Us Happiness
Movie Review – Dreamgirls Cuts New Ground
Vickie Shaw Brings Hysteria to the HRC Awards
Theater Review - Every Christmas Story Ever Told!
The Departed
The Illusionist Casts a Spell
If You Like Uniforms... World Trade Center
“The Girlie Show” at Bar Natasha
Movie Review – Lady In the Water
The Heartland Men’s Chorus
Book Review - The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson, The Pretty Boys and Dirty Deals of Henry Willson.
Movie Review – Poseidon

National HIV Testing Day - 2016

The Tenth Voice

The Tenth Voice

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