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Jamie Tyroler

Articles by Jamie Tyroler
How Language Can Divide the Transgender Community
Media Should Show More Respect in Reporting About Killing
SpeakOut - We Must Prevent a G.O.P. Takeover
"Actual" People
Must We Fight Over Labels?
For 2009, the Economy Matters Most to the Transgender Community
A Ceremony to Remember Transgender People Who Were Slain
Planting Seeds of Learning and Friendship
Protest Planned for HRC Fundraiser at the Uptown
For the First Time, a Congressional Hearing Focuses on Transgender Discrimination
Who Are You?
Donna Ross, a Voice for the Transgender Community
From K.C to D.C. - What I Learned in My Few Days as a Lobbyist in Washington
A Great Moment for K.C. Transgender Community
Cheney's Viewpoint: 'So?'
Creating Change: Bickering Only Blocks Our Progress
Creating Change: Notes From the Front Line
SpeakOut - Arrested Development
Don't Forget Transgender Day of Rememberance
Equality Summit Looks at Unity, Bias and Bullies
Jamie Tyroler - A Transgender-Inclusive ENDA Would Give the Law Some Teeth
A Transgender-Inclusive ENDA Would Give the Law Some Teeth
Transmissions - Transgender Talk on TV: Openness vs. Privacy
Transmissions - Impeach Bush and Cheney
Transmissions - AMA Takes Step in Struggle for Transgender Health Care
Transmission – In Defense of ‘Queer,’ It’s a Flexible Word
Transmission – Be Proud, and Speak Up
Transmission – We Need to Talk About Offensive Speech
Transmission – Word Choices
Transmission – Pride-Race, Sex, and Society
Transmission – Race, Gender, and Inequality in Kansas City
Transmission – Kansas City Crossdressers and Friends (KCCAF)
Transmission – Are We Creating Change in Kansas City?
Transmissions – Control Your Own Identity
Transmissions – Celebrating Commonalities
TransmissionsI – Am Not a Terrorist!
Book Review - Drag King Dreams
Transmissions - Interview with Leslie Feinberg
Transmissions - Thank You, Mr. Bush
Transmissions - “So, does that make you a lesbian?”
Transmission – Pride-What is It?

PROMO Equality Day - 2016

50th Anniversary of the First Meeting of the North American Conference of Homophile Organizations

The Tenth Voice

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