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Paul Donovan

Articles by Paul Donovan
Heathers: The Musical is a Darkly Fun Return to 1989
The Ghosts of Lote Bravo is a Haunting Fable
Tale of ‘The Whale’ Moves in Unexpected Ways
‘How to Steal a Picasso’ is Strong on Laughs, If Not Story
At Unicorn, ‘Brothers’ Explores the Emotional Connections of Men
‘Tribes’ Examines How a Family Talks
‘Cock’ Presents More Than Just a Love Triangle
‘Cock’ is Raw
“The Normal Heart” is Not Your Normal Play
Watching Movies at Home? Not These
Catching Fire’ Proves to Be the Stronger ‘Hunger Games’ Film
‘Seminar’ Offers a Revealing Look at Creativity and Criticism
The Unicorn Takes Us to ‘the Mountaintop’
Exploitation and the American Dream
Unicorn Offers a Strong ‘Asher Lev’
KC Rep Helps Stripped-Down ‘Carousel’ Come Around Again
The Unicorn Presents "Good People"
KC Rep Brings Life to ‘Death’
A Friendship Unfolds in ‘BlackTop Sky’ at the Unicorn
Televangelism Goes Extreme in ‘Soul Collector’
The Unicorn Inspects Christmas
‘Irma Vep’ Brings Serious Comedy to the Rep By Paul Donovan
A Little In-Your-Face History
‘Pippin’ Has Plenty of Pep
The Unicorn’s Raucous and Profane ‘Motherf**ker’ Explores Morality
Rapture’ at the Unicorn Deserves Your Full Attention
This ‘Little Shop’ Remembers the Human Touches
The Unicorn Stands Still
The Unicorn is Hungry
Unicorn Explores New Territory in ‘Next Fall’
Scrooge Rocks the Unicorn
Unicorn's 'Iggy Scrooge' Collaborators Share a Past and Present
Parents Misbehave in ‘Carnage’ at the Unicorn
Seeing ‘Red’ at the Unicorn
The Unicorn is Ruined
'Two Jews' Can Teach Us a Few Things
'In Trousers' Illuminates the Agonies of Coming Out
Unicorn Opens Big with ‘[title of show]’
As a Musical, ‘Eating Raoul’ Goes Down Easier
Catch 'Her Hair' Before It Goes
Take a Visit to Grey Gardens
Farragut North Takes a Witty Look Inside a Campaign
Tarantino�s �Inglourious� Alternate History
Fears for Queers: A Little Humor and Some Nihilism
"Bare" Exposes a Secret Side of Teens
Unicorn Offers a Clean House
'Sister Mary' Sweeps Unicorn Audiences Back to School
Inspired by Katrina, 'Rising Water' Circles Around the Issues It Raises
'Clone Wars' is Animated, But It's Not Kid Stuff
As Family Memories and Society's Ills Are Dissected, Mom's There Onstage
'Faith Healer' Gets Lost in Ambiguity
?Hedwig? Still Fits for Eubank and Van Pelt
Unicorn?s ?Little Dog? Explores Gay Hollywood
The Cast Is All Women, But 'Desire' is Universal
Unicorn's 'House' Raises Racial Questions For All
A Strong (Though Bloody
This Ain?t Your Teacher?s Beowulf
The Mist Obscures the Horror
Movie Review - Fascinating ?Background? Brings Extras Into the Limelight
Play Review - 'La Cage' Hits Unicorn's High Standards. The Only Trouble Is Something That the Theater Can?t Fix
Oui, the Original Film Is Truly a Must-See
Movie Review - ?Sunshine? Presents a Thoughtful Metaphor - Is It Too Bright for a Summer Flick?
Theater Review - "Intimate Apparel" Looks at Life and its Constraints
Theater Review - Fast Zombies, Fierce Virus, and, Yes, an Engaging Story
Theater Review - Do See ‘Zanna, Don’t!’
‘Ghost Rider’ Makes Faint Impression
Death and Family at the Unicorn
Perfume Leaves a Strangely Wonderful Scent
Great American Trash at the Unicorn
Shortbus is Long Where it Counts
Jackass Number Two: It’s Really Gay!
The Protector Kicks Ass
The Pillowman is Not Soft
Another Gay Producer
Not Just Another Gay Movie
Movie Review – Go Down With the Ladies of The Descent
Superman Returns – and It’s Like He Never Left
Theater Review - There’s a Good Cast, But Not Much Boom
The X-Men Movies: Mutant Rights = Gay Rights?
Silent Hill Has Girl Power
The Bird Still Flies High

The Tenth Voice

The Tenth Voice

The Tenth Voice

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